Finland, country of mine, is marvellous in its changing four seasons! Plants provide in nature, as well as in the garden, throughout the year a changing "painting" for us to look at. In the garden one can take part in that "landscape painting" year by year through many different projects. I believe in "keeping busy" with the garden to have a therapeutic effect, however small the effort.

To my small vegetable garden I have carried a rusty frame of an old sewing machine. In my opinion the contrast between the rusty metal and colourful flowers is magnificent. Against the snails I tested this summer for the first time a brass mesh which worked very well. The old lumps of glass from the former Kirkniemi glass factory are beautiful in the vegetable garden, too. This summer I had time finally to construct around the perennial bed a plant supporting border rope with some copper tube and already green patinated recycled copper wire rope.

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A perennial bed in the garden


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