Interior design

"Show me your home and I will tell you what you are like."

Home stands for much more than just a residence.
In my opinion modifying a residence to your own kind of home is a part of the holistic care of your personal wellbeing. The colour palette of the home, the design style, the layout of the furniture in the rooms etc. will create the basis for enjoying the home. Important matters to me in my home are old furniture and goods. I like recycled materials in general and therefore I favour old recycled goods in the interior decoration, too. Home is a a mix of goods which come with a story, a history, a connection with family or a friend. A piece of furniture is more than a functional good. An emotional bond is many times stronger and it brings about wellbeing solely from fleeting glance when I move about in the space surrounded by goods like this - in my home.

In Finland we can enjoy the four seasons which pace the time. Decorating home always with the current themes is refreshing and gives traditions to the family, especially to the children. Cherishing Christmas traditions is one of the most important of them.

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Living room in the Summer


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